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About Us


History of Showtime Gymnastics

Showtime Dance Center Opened up in 1984, as a dance school, then in 1985 they added Tumbling & gymnastics classes. Working with Owner herself Carol Clendenin, with only tumbling matts. Then in 1988 gymnastics coach Virgil Powell stepped into the showtime gymnastics world, still only using matts plus soft matts. In 2017 daughter of Carol Clendenin was voted into the Top Ten Coaches League Of the SWBL. Olivia Clendenin decided to bring back gymnastics to her mothers dance studio, with matts, spotters, trampolines, balance beams, & tumble tracks. The gym now has over 46 pieces of equipment to work with. We enjoy watching kids grow and accomplishing new skills every week. Please come join & tumble with Showtime 


Todays Showtime Gymnastics

We offer a Tiny Tots, Beginning, Intermediate & an Advanced Tumbling classes through the week, these classes get a preforming outfit to wear in a coached routine at the end of the year recital. The recital for 2019 will be held the first week of June. Also we have professional pictures taken with the other gymnast in the class & indivials of each gymnast that are optional To purchase. As of right now we have 2 open tumbling classes that are 1 hour long. Working on drills from level 1 to level 8. We have gymnastics Camps in July. We have Clinics every 6 months which go over one specific skill (backwalkovers, backhandsprings, backtucks, ect...)  & private Tumbling classes which is a one on one class with Coach livy (Olivia Clendenin). 


Owners & Coaches of Showtime Gymnastics

Owner: Carol Clendenin, 44 years of Teaching and Coaching experience.

Owner: Olivia (Livy) Clendenin, 10 years of Teaching and Coaching experience.

Coach: Kaitlyn Walling, 3 years of Teaching and Coaching experience.

Coach: Isabella (Bella) Collins, 2 years of Teaching and Coaching experience.